About Us ....

Province of Asia-Australia logo.

As Faithful Companions of Jesus in Asia-Australia, we live on two continents, Asia (symbolized by the land mass at the top of the logo) and Australia (symbolized by the land mass at the bottom of the logo).

Although large bodies of water 'divide' us, we are linked across two hemispheres and many cultures by our FCJ Companionship (symbolized by our FCJ Badge which spans the distance from Asia to Australia). We are united by our common FCJ spirit not only with our companions in Asia-Australia, but with FCJ Sisters and FCJ Companions in Mission throughout the world.

Eucharist is the heart of our life together .... we are companions, (from the old French compain, meaning those who share the same bread), breaking the bread of life ... and sharing in our daily lives those staples of life ... whether wheat or rice ... as our food for the journey. In the same way we share life’s struggles and disappointments, life’s joys and achievements.

Together we hope to be the gentle, human face of Christ in our world today.

We are delighted you are visiting our web site and hope you will enjoy it.